Cooking with Leftovers


• 100 g [3 ½ oz.] serving of roast turkey with skin removed provides: White Meat: Less than 150 calories, only 3 g fat. Dark Meat: Less than 175 calories, only 5 g fat.
• Turkey is an excellent source of PROTEIN, which is required for the constant building and repair of all cells in our bodies.
• Turkey is a popular choice for people on reducing diets. It also adapts well to so many recipes.
• Turkey is EASY TO DIGEST, which makes it an excellent choice for people of all ages.


• Add leftover turkey to stir fried vegetables when you add the sauce. The turkey will warm through as the sauce thickens.
• Toss together strips of chilled leftover Turkey with a variety of fresh Vegetables and Lettuce. Drizzle low calorie dressing over the top for a delicious calorie-wise meal.
• Chop 500 g [2 cups] of cooked turkey meat and mix with 50 mL [¼ cup] chopped celery and 30 mL [2 tbsp] mayonnaise. Spread onto your favorite bread for a delicious and nutritious turkey salad sandwich.