Our Mandate


The objectives of the Nova Scotia Turkey Marketing Plan are to:

• promote, and regulate the marketing and production of turkeys,

• establish from time to time the fair or minimum price at which turkey shall be purchased by processors and to cooperate with other boards agencies and committees set up in other Provinces for the same or similar purpose.

More specific activities of the Board are set out in the Marketing Plan.

The following is the list of documents granting the Board authority to carry out its objectives:

Order in Council 84-210, dated February 14, 1984, updated Chapter 206 of the Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1967, which is the Natural Products Act. (Section 5)



The House of Commons, under the Farm Products Marketing Agencies Act, established the National Farm Products Marketing Council in 1972, and is the sole responsibility of the Governor General in Council. The Governor in Council is advised by the Minister of Agriculture, who answers to the Government, Parliament, and the public for the effectiveness with which the agencies carry out their activities. The NFPMC advises the Minister on the establishment of agencies and on the manner in which they carry on their activities. The Council monitors and supervises the agencies in order to assure that they achieve their objectives. The Canadian Turkey Marketing Agency was established in 1974 and is responsible to the signatories of the Federal­Provincial Agreement, under the supervision of the NFPMC, for the administration of the Federal-Provincial Agreement with respect to turkeys.


The Legislature enacted the Natural Products Marketing Act in 1946 and made the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council the supreme authority over this act with reports being presented by the Minister of Agriculture and Marketing. The Council formed the Nova Scotia Marketing Board which later became the Natural Products Marketing Council. The NPMC super­vises the operation of marketing boards in Nova Scotia. The NPMC requested the establishment of the Nova Scotia Turkey Marketing Board. The Board was incorporated on December 11, 1972. The Board became a member of the Canadian Turkey Marketing Agency on December 10, 1973. Each year a Proclamation Agreement is signed by the signatories to the Marketing Plan and at present the Agreement is under revision.
The signatories are as follows:
Federal Minister of Agriculture, the ministers of agriculture of the participating provinces, the National Farm Products Marketing Council, the provincial supervisory boards, the agencies and the provincial commodity boards.