• Posted: 20th Nov 2013
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Turkey Farmers Celebrating 40th Anniversary

turkey_farmers_of_canada_copyTurkey Farmers of Canada (TFC) is proudly celebrating its 40th year representing Canada’s turkey farmers.
Originally formed under the Federal Farm Products Agencies Act in 1974, the role of the Agency is to encourage cooperation throughout the Canadian turkey industry and to promote the consumption of turkey in Canada, while acting as the voice for Canadian turkey farmers both domestically and internationally.

Our function in fostering competitiveness and innovation is focused on a number of priorities, including on-farm food safety, flock care, scientific research, market research and promotion activities.

In four decades, we have seen many changes, advances and achievements – from innovation in turkey farming leading to improved techniques, production efficiencies, and enhanced food safety programs, to our ability to keep pace with changes in the Canadian marketplace through the unique system of supply management. Our relationship with consumers has also grown and evolved, as the Agency continues to reach out in new ways to promote our high-quality and nutritious product.

Each achievement is a reminder that together we can accomplish great things which, as individual farmers, leaders and business owners, we might never be able to realize alone.

Turkey Farmers of Canada is helping to build a strong and vibrant agricultural sector in Canada. We celebrate our years of success and look forward to continuing to ensure a bright future for Canada’s turkey industry.